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I remember when this site didnt have that many members (at least on the YZ side) and wasnt as popular as it could be... But now there are tons of new members and growing rapidly, great work everyone!

I am really liking that new banner on top of the screen! Bryan Bosch (and the owners) you need to get a few thousand of those stickers made and sell them! I would buy about 15-20 of them (after all the new blue/yellow look matches the YZ quite nice)!

I would also be interested in those fender decals (it says "coming soon" on the intro page) I emailed Bryan awhile ago and never got a response about fender decals (it was right about the time the new ownership took place and the site was changing).

BTW the new site looks much better and is easier to read IMO! Keep up the great work! :) Later,


I have to agree with Garrett on his comments. I've been coming to this site for a couple of years now and have watched it grow. This is one of the few sites I visit daily. Keep up the great work guys.

Also when are those fender decals going to be available ? Update... over on the 250F side there's some info about purchasing the decals

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DPW and others,

I got a response from Bryan a few days ago and they do have the stickers! The current front fender decals are $12.95 per set (includes shipping). Send a check to:


PO Box 634

Marylhurst, OR 97036

I will be sending my money out after the New Year since right now the UPS/Post office is real crowded/hectic! The decals also give me a reason to buy a new front fender LOL! Later,


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