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My CBR front turn signals are always on "running lights". Is there a reason my DRZ does not have running lights?

I don't know the reason but I have noticed some motorcycles have running lights and others don't.

The turn signals on the DRZ are single element bulbs and only have one light intensity; high for blinkers. Dual element bulbs have a low for running lights and high for blinkers

The electrical system has to be designed/wired for dual intensity lamps. The DRZ is not. Maybe that's our answer; simplicity.

You could always wire the running lights, wouldn't take much.


They also make "converter" boxes to convert single element or LED lights into running lights and turn signals.

It could be done with a relay wired to the blinker bulb to be always on, and when the signal switch is hit the flasher would trip the relay and cause it to blink.

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