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Your pics from back in the day....

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I looked around a bit and didn't find a thread about this, thought it would be fun. My wife was moving some boxes around and found some pics of me in spring of 91? or so riding my trusty old 85 KX 125. I was 18 and a svelt 135 lbs...:), I tried to ride the wheels off of that bike. I sold the 85 (#347) to a buddy and picked up the 87 (#629), can't find any pics of me riding that one though.

Having fun over a big single jump, every track we rode locally usually had big singles, very few had doubles...



My "rig" at the time...



It was a fun walk down memory lane. There are some more, but far less exciting...

Post up your old school pics, wether old school is 60's or the 2000's, we all start somewhere...let's see them!

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