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DRZ falls flat after 1/4 throttle

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Hopefully some of you knowledgeable people can point me in the correct direction. Yesterday i went on a trail ride with my kids i was jumping the dizzer 02 drz400s then i started hearing some sort of electrical sound when i cracked the throttle. i thought what's that, i could not identify the noise, kept riding because i had the kids. rode with this noise for about 2 hours then all of a sudden i was doing some high speed passes and the bike cut out, not totally died but a lose of power, it will ideal well and run like normal below 1/4 throttle. even in neutral it breaks up. I have not gone over the bike in a while, it time to  break it down, clean it up, obviously i'll pull and clean the carb, look for loose connections and burnt wires has anyone else experienced this. from closed to 1/4 throttle plenty of power,or i should say seems normal i ran the bike like that for another 2 hours,  hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

  On another note i only ride the bike on dirt would it be wise to remove as much of the electronics as possible for more reliability?  not that this bike has been unreliable just for simplicity.   I would only want the e-start, headlight, and radiator fans, or is this more trouble than its worth,  maybe this would be a good time to do all the free mods as well

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