Yes, another '"Is this a good deal topic?"

Hello everybody, I have been a long time reader on this forum and am now a first time poster. I have been looking for a used drz 400s for about 4 months now and I was wondering what you guys thought about this:

It's a little over a hundred miles for me and I was thinking he would go down to around $3000. It is around the milage I want and it is all stock. Yes or no?

Thats a decent deal for where i am. not super cheap but not over priced.

looks like there might be some scratches on the left side, and the chain guard is missing. 


I can find similar condition bikes for cheaper in my area, but each state is different. 

Thanks for the quick replies. The bike seems to be in good conditon, but the fact that he doesn't address the scratches or missing chain guard kind of worries me. I have been burned on craigslist before so I am still a little weary of this bike.

Sounds like a good deal to me, I paid more for an 07 S model with less miles than that and had several add ons.

Since he took off the tail light and mirrors it has probably been driven off road pretty regularly.

Ya, not a bad deal at all and I bet you can drive it away for $2800. It's basically new with that kind of mileage and I'd go for it, if that is what you want... you probably won't regret it either way and that's more important than saving a few bucks.


Good luck.

the chain guard is a non-issue. The drz400E does not even have mounting bosses for one. 

Would be a good deal in my area. That's pretty low miles and it looks to be well cared for. Plus, being bone stock you can start with a blank canvas should you want to venture into the world of DRZ performance modifications.

I'd go look at it and make him an offer pending what I see in person, but I am thinking more around $27-2800. 

Ok everybody, thanks for the replies. I think I will call him up tonight and maybe look at it tomorrow.

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If it helps, I just paid $3k for a very similar "clean"bike with a few extra's and am not kicking myself  :)

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