Thurston County denies permit for proposed Rainier motocross track expansion

“The proposal seeks to: occupy a 26-acre tract; allow an unspecified/unlimited number of people, 97 passenger vehicles (with and without trailers), and an unlimited number of off road vehicles on-site; and to permit up to 40 off road vehicles operating simultaneously for six to ten hours per day up to four weekdays and on one or both weekend days each week, with no restriction on the number of ORV engines operating at the same time,” her ruling says.




I don't know the full history on this track. From reading the news article it appears that their permit application should have over inflated their estimates and then came way way down on numbers to make it look like they were compromising. Without the appearance of a compromise Judge Judy's denial is that much easier. 

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And we are surprised it was denied because......... :excuseme:

Isn't that the Cadillac Ranch track?




Yes Joe

bummer :thumbsdn:

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