anybody use a mikuni non-pumper flatside on an lc4

i ask this question because of all the complaining about the bst carb used in most lc4 based ktm's

i am not asking about kiehnen fcr or mikuni "pumpers"

just the basic mikuni cv flatside carb vs a mikuni cv bst carb


mainly the three on the right
 they are cv carb and not pumpers so they are as good with altitude as a bst without the issues you get from running over rough terrian

i am not refering to the kiehnin fcr pumper carb which many people want for it's pull from the lower rpm's

yes they look/are what is normally used on twostrokes

does anyone know of someone that has run one on some form of lc4 based moto

i did use one on my xr600 and it worked better than the stock carb up until i put in the full on fcr pumper

mikuni carb 2.jpeg

Grump:  I would suspect that the solution use on your XR would be identical to/for the LC4. 

just wondering if there is any jetting info out there

i will check in with motolab on tues

rode out at carnegie in ca and as rough as that place can be with gnarly uphill acceleration bumps no rough running

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