Advice needed- Kdx E Series Rear Shock

Hello. Newbie here, though I have been lurking for a while.

I picked up an old e series KDX 200 over the weekend (because my KX was getting lonely).

I decided to see where the dampening was set on the rear shock, On the first click, there was a very small release of pressure and a very tiny amount (what seemed like oil) sprayed out in a tiny mist. This did not seem normal to me.

I expected to rebuild the whole suspension this winter. I just was not expecting to do it now, before I have even ridden it beyond a test drive.

Can someone shed some light on this?

Also, if this shock needs rebuilding, is there anyone who I can send this to that can turn it around within a couple of weeks?


Thanks folks!

Ride on!


A "couple of weeks" is a good turnaround time for just about any suspension shop, especially this time of year in the Northeast when the riding season is coming to a close. I wouldn't think many people rebuild their stuff before the winter nap................

Bad o ring on the clicker, you need to have it replaced before all the oil leaks out.  Which pretty much means at least an oil change.  It will work way better when you get it back with new fluid.

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