i have 03 wr450f with hole ine case frome kicke start gear

so would it be worth my time to wield the hole shut or buy a new side case i can wield it myself but not sure if anything els is broke on the inside is this a normal occurrence with the 03 wr450f ?  if so what normally causes it


New cases run around $300 if you can afford one AND do your own labor it is certainly the best way to repair the problem.

If you are talking about the case the kick start hole and water pump is in, get a used one on eBay. Did that gear between the kick start and the clutch lose a circlip or something to make that hole?

this happened to a buddy of mine not too long ago, air fuel screw was adjusted way out and caused it to backfire breaking the ratchet on the kicker gear wedging it in between a bolt in the engine and the case. Put a hole in the case about the size of a half dollar. He took it to a specialzed welding facility and they fixed it for $50. After some grinding and cleaning up you wouldnt notice it was ever broken unless you were told. Id have it welded if possible before going through the hassle of splitting the cases. we had to remove his engine and take it to the weld shop but it only took about an hour to get the motor out of the bike.

At the very least you need to pull the cover for the kicker gear and see what happened- the last thing you need are broken metal fragments floating around in there.

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