Small 2 stroke bike?

Hey guys. I'm in the market for another bike. I have 650$ not spending any more than that. I want a 2 stroke 80,85,100. What should I get? I just want it for going around my local riding area, called "whittles" it's not on google, it's just a place that if you know of it you can go. It's fully legal, and it doesn't have any jumps, it's basically a huge oval, with a section of whoops, and then trails and hill climbs. I used to go there with my ttr 90 and xr100. Now I want I nice Reliable fast and torquey 2 stroke. i want the powerband to be Very strong. Any suggestions of what to get? Any help will be appreciated.

Like I said before get a 125 for a two stroke a 85 you will grow right out of. And the only 100 two stroke is a kx and its pretty much a bored out kx85 big wheel and as you know I hate kawasaki. Good luck

Also a 85 only hits power band when you really rev it up

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