Fuel problem?

I have a 1999 yz 125 and will run for a minute or so then bog down an die so I took the carb off and cleaned it and there was a broke main jet so I replaced it and then it ran better but still is having trouble running when you are riding it. It idles fine and is not fouling plugs! The only thing I could think It is is ether the wrong main jet size or a problem with fuel flow or maby reeds or possibly fuel to air ratio screw! I really need help with this!!!

Try yz 125 forum too.

Try yz 125 forum too.

a buddy of mine fixed it but i don't know what he did


It could be a jetting issue. You should also check to make sure the reeds are still good and that you have a clean air filter. running premium gas at 32:1 or 40:1 should be fine. What elevation and temperature are you riding at? I have a jetting program that will estimate what your jetting should be.  

We fixed it first it was a broken jet then the floats were getting stuck

Check the float, unscrew it and there will be sand in the bottom of it. It's awkward to get to but has happened to me before.Make sure the petrol is turned off.

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