Oil for a 07crf250r

Can I use mobile one fully synthetic 10w40 in my bike. The shops are closed today so I bought this from Walmart. It's say it's 4t race oil it has a picture of a crotch rocket on the front of it.

Yes, you can use that oil in both the engine and trans sides.

Thank you

That will work fine. If you got to Walmart again, buy Rotella T6 15w-40, it is labelled as a "heavy duty/diesel engine oil", but is a very good motorcycle rated engine oil, and cheap as well.

For the clutch side, get the supertech straight 30 weight non detergent motor oil for summer.

During winter, I switch to rotella 5w-40 for the engine side, and use ATF type F for the clutch side, otherwise the bike can be a PITA to start.

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