1994 rm250 noise

Changed oil.. Went riding with the guys. Was told that oil was leaking out my exhaust.. Checked it out. Went to start my bike the engine started to squeel...very loud. So went and got the trailer. Pushed the bike on and just pushing it.. Loud squeel.. Got it home put it on the stand.. If i rotate the rear tire it seams lower end.. Removed clutch cover. Basket looks good..just dreading spliting the case.. The noise is interment when pushing but when u start the bike....wow LOUD.. Any ideas..

Well update... Split the case and main shaft bearing is spun.. After talking to local 2stroke GOD mumms the word racing in cedar rapids iowa... Base gasket took a dump..thats why my pipe was full of oil.. Lost lube in bottom end.. But everything else looks good. Still going to replace all bearings and seals.. Thinking bout going big on top end.. Already got powercoat on frame... Big yellow...

Easy build.. Few hundred bucks...fresh bottom..fresh top..and the old gal is running great...

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