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Which KTM? 150XC, 250SX, 250SX-F

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I'm looking for a bike to play ride with on the track and trails, and possibly race a few hare scrambles. I quite racing about a year ago and am a mid-pack B rider. I'm 5 foot 7, 155 lbs. Im wanting the 2-stroke because they are more fun than the four strokes in my opinion. I'm leaning towards the 2011 150XC, but don't know how well it would do on a motocross track. I used to race MX, so I know I will be taking it to the track on practice days. I like the thought of the 2012 250SX because of all the power, and know it would be great for track, but may be too much for the woods, but I am not an A rider so I would feel I would be "lugging" around on it too much, where-as the 150 I could ring it out a bit more. I'm used to 250 four strokes, and from the get go be quite a bit faster on the 250SX-F than the other bikes. It would be great for both track and trail, but wouldnt have the fun factor as the 2-smokers.


Any input would be great!

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