changing fork oil level

a little confused on the whole fork oil level idea. If you look in the manual it tells you how much oil to add by volume. that idea makes the most sense to my simple little mind but I always hear about changing the oil height by a given measurement. then I have watched videos where they just dump in a bunch of oil and suck it out with a syringe that has a height setting.

I believe it depends on the design of the forks, whether their damper rod, open cartridge or closed cartridge.  Typically for damper rod or open cartridge forks you pour in a given amount of oil (mL/cc), bleed, measure the oil height (with the fork tube compressed and spring removed usually) and adjust accordingly.  For these forks you can pour in a lot more oil than needed, bleed the forks and then suck out the excess with a fork oil height tool (metal tube that gets set to a certain height and has a syringe attached that allows you to suck out that extra fluid to the right height).


On closed cartridge (or twin chamber) forks you pour in a given amount of fluid and (maybe bleed... don't know) that's it.  Later you can add or remove fluid by volume (mL/cc) and NOT oil height to get the desired bottoming resistance.

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