125 sx?

Hey guys!  I'm trying to decide on what bike to get, and I've been looking hard at a 125 sx.  I want to get a two stroke, and everyone on here say 125's are a lot of fun.  My only problem is I've never ridden a two stroke, or all that many dirt bikes for that matter.  I'm new to dirt biking, previously rode quads, and now I'm going to make the switch.  My concerns about this bike are if it's trail ride able, not extremely tight and technical stuff, but the occasional rough patches, or slightly boggy sections that you might run into.  I ride dirt roads, and plan to make a few trips to my local mx track eventually, but I don't know how well this bike would do in slower stuff.  My buddies ride 250f's mostly, a wr, kx and one rides a ttr 250, so we're all pretty unsure about two strokes.  What do you guys think? What do you think about the bike in general?  I found a nice looking 2008, any problems with that year? 



For trails, look for a 200. You can do the 125 on trails, but they're very finicky, lots of clutch work required. For an mx track, the 125 is awesome. And lastly, for extended dirt road riding, a 125 is not preferred.

Great choice  if your new to bikes, go for it. I race a 200exc (A level) and it's also a great choice for beginer to expert levels. If you want to start out having fun and loving this great sport go for the 125sx, many try to start out on the larger bikes and end up not enjoying it as much or even disliking riding due to being talked into the wrong bike.

I had previously got a YZ 250 about 2 years ago and traded it + cash for a CBR 600 after like a month because it wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. I had got a 04 KTM 125sx about half a year ago and Havn't thought once about getting rid of it,I already bought new wheel spacers, wheel bearings, new tire, a case of oil, Air filter/Air filter cleaner/oil kit, Got a new wiesco piston kit on the way. Can't wait to ride it again with the new piston. 125sx is tons of fun, I've ridden it mostly on a track but I've done alittle bit of trail riding and it's alot of fun either way. I like the 125 alot more than the 250. The 250 obviously had alot of power. But the 250 weighed alot more than the 125 and was harder to take through turns etc. The 125 you feel like you can just throw it around alot more easier and overall it's alot more fun

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