Unpopable tire

I have the foam filled tire on my new 2013 yz250. Once they wear out I can't see myself replacing them. Will go back to the geomax tham I am used to on my rmz450. Besides ruining a day with a punctured tire are these foam filled tires worth the cash? They caMe on my new bike I didn't order it that way. Anone have any opinions? Thanks for reading

Bib mousse tube??


I tried one of those foam tubes back in the late 80's  when I got 2 pinch flats within a month. It took me 4 HOURS OF FIGHTING to mount my tire (which should have taken me like a hour) . But once mounted it worked great.... but then soon came time to replace the rear tire and I don't need to explain the battle again.  Screw that idea I went back to traditional tubes.

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