New guy How do these shocks work.

  I am restoring a 1983 DR500. Didthe top end and cleaned it up. Fix the dentedtank . Recovered the seat.Painted marrone with gold flake. Lots of detail.SUZUKI 054.jpg  The rear shocks have a small cyclinder attach with a 6" hose.  Is the small one supposed to be filled with nitrogen? Does the dealer fill them.---------How much oil is supposed to be in the shock?     Looked everywhere and cannot find any imfo. The number on the shock are a discontinued Suzuku. Thanks for the help.

The small can (reservoir) holds a charge of pressurized nitrogen that puts pressure on the shock oil to reduce cavitation (bubbles) of the oil for better performance.


I'm guessing those are KYB shocks if there is a Suzuki part number on them, and may be from a late 1970s or 1980 RM.


Myself, I'd either gather info on servicing KYB shocks and read-up on it, or hand them over to a suspension shop and pay them to do the job.

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