No spark!

Yesterday one of the locals bassicly gave me a 1970s suzuki van van 125cc two stroke so i took it home cleaned the carb checked compression and then tryed to start it and it wouldnt start so checked spark and there was nothing, disconnected the kill switch and still nothing,checked the coil seemed good,so i cheked the killswitch wire where i disconnected it and it was grounded all the time checked it where it attaches to the switch and the switch works until you reatach it then it always grounded(off) so i am not sure what to do i followed the wires all the way down and none are scraped or melted for some reason it is always grounded,the weird thing is if you take the kill switch wire and drag it across the handlebars while you kick it sparks for a the frame supposed to be grounded?Because mine is.I am very confused with this thing

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