Need help with a 2007 crf 150 r jetting

How's it goin I purchased a 07 in california elevation around 2500 to 3000 and need jetting came with the nj clip on the 5th setting and a 42 pilot and a 140 main....also mix screw was like more than 3 turns is popping at about quarter throttle out of the turns at top end runs fine ....any suggestions please need the help my son is getn aggrivated lol

Hi, I have a 2007 Honda 150r, it has a hgs exhaust with powerbomb and was bogging, believe it or not it was the throttle because the stock tubes are plastics it was causing it to big some how, I ordered a red billet one and now I have instant power, hope this helps

Use 2008 and up needle, at that altitude you should need a smaller main and a 40 or 42 pilot. My 08 ran great with a 42 pilot and a 55 leak jet, all other jetting was stock. I rode below 800'altitude.

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