New Member and I'm trying to find a bike!

Hey Thumper Talk,

Im 16 years old and am wanting to get my first bike. Im a little over 5' 10" and about 155lbs. I will be riding mostly around my farm through fields and trails in the woods. I might also build a track or take the bike to the track every once in a while. Based on this, Im looking at getting a Honda CRF250r. I rode my friends KTM 125 sx and it just seems like not enough low end torque for the woods. Thats why I wanted to get a four stroke. While Ill be on the trails a lot, I also wanna be able to go fast. through the fields and down dirt roads. My budget is gonna be $2000-$2500. I have found a few CRF250r's in that range but I have also heard that they require expensive maintenance every few years and since Im on a budget for awhile, I don't what to have to deal with that so much. I have also heard stories of people buying 4 strokes and then 10 hrs later they need a full $1500-$2000 rebuild. Because of this, I was wondering if with experience, I could make a 2 stroke work? Or if there would be any other bikes out there that might suit my needs? Or will the CRF250r work fine? Thanks.

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try the ktm 300 exc, theres was one up here for 1500 for an 2003, or get a 250 2t and put a gnarly pipe on it for more low end torque. there's also the 450x or 250x depending on what your abilities are. but I would avoid mx bikes as there's a little more upkeep required.

A 125. What 125? Any. $2500 will get you a flawless 125 which is very fun and cheap to ride. Doesn't matter the brand, whatever ones in best shape pick it up and bring it home. 

KDX 200, KTM 200 xc-w, any 125 (2t), Honda crf250X, Yamaha wr250F.....Husky has some nice bikes, beta is out there (somewhere) and Husaburge I think is still in business, do some research on all of those.

Don't get a 450 or 250 2 stroke as a first bike. You won't have any fun... Sounds like your not going down that way anyway. Have you considered an xr 250? Might not look super cool like the MX bikes but super reliable and a good bike for a beginner. Low in maintenance too.

Ok, I'm no expert, but I have 5 Hondas and do all my own maintenance.

CRF250r - I have 2 of these.  They're great bikes, fast, light and fun to ride.  The bike is made for track and jumps nicely.

They're loud and don't have spark arresters so technically illegal in the woods.  Fine.  You'll get about 100-125 hours before you need a top end.  That's mail your head to a shop and get the valves done and you put it back together with a new piston.  Not too hard.  About $800.

Oil changes about every 10hrs, depending on how you ride and how you like to take care of it.  Weighs about 210#.


CRF250x - I have 1 of these.  Very nice bike.  Made for trail use.  Geared lower than the r and the engine is tuned down a bit.  This makes it a bit slower, but more reliable.  It has a spark arrester and is way more quiet than the r. The x has a headlight and elec start. It's also heavier at 230#.  This bike will need the head eventually, but not as soon as the r.  The BOTH require frequent checking of the valves, a 20 minute procedure, once you know how.


We have 2 150f's.  Great bikes, kinda quiet and slow for you.  Good beginner bike.


We had a CRF150r but we sold it.  Nice bike, but prolly too small for you, size wise.  It's way fast and way loud, but has a crappy frame and very light suspension.  It's made for kids.


My friends ride lots of 2strokes.  Nice bikes.  The two strokes I've riden are very nice bikes.  They need work too.  They probably need to be rebuilt 2x as often then the 4strokes but at 1/3rd the price.

Awesome. Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I actually just pick up a 1999 KTM 200 exc yesterday and I love it so far!

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