2007 WR 450 tank/shroud conversion to YZ..and more questions.

Its been awhile since I have posted.. But happy to be back, and I bring my 15 year old son with me! He just purchased his first bike. A street legal WR 450. It is a project bike for he and I. It came with an Acerbis tank that is just too huge. He wants to get the YZ tank and shrouds to get the bike sleeker. He isn't going on any road trips, just local town hooliganism.. Back in the day, I know there were several guys that did this. We are going to sell a few things off this bike to fund the project, but looking for this conversion first. Will a YZ tank and shroud simply bolt up? I want to get a petcock with reserve on this as well. We are going to lace the stock hubs to 17" hoops. Whats the recommended width of the rear rim without having to mess with spacers?  It came with a recluse clutch as well! We'd like to gear it for highway speed, so recommended gearing would be great. I built a street legal YZ 450 back in 06 and really wanted to build a WR. So I am living vicariously through my boy! Thanks in advance fellas.

Kelly in Crapchester NY

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I think the acerbis tank is too big. You might consider using a stock 07-09 wr450 tank. They are very similar to the yz and have a reserve. The ims 3.2 gal. might be the best if a larger tank is desired as its well shaped.

We run 3.5 front and 5 in the rear. If you use conti attack tires they shouldn't rub. We also use the graves chain block.

I run 15-43 gearing.

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