2006 DRZ400SM Leaking Gas

Hey guys, A little perplexed with my moto right now. The Petcock seems good. Will stop flow on both on and reserve settings when I pull the fuel line to the carb off and drain it. Flows freely if on the prime setting. I am leaking gas from my gas tank. The small nipple under the left hand side of the gas tank right where the seat mates with the gas tank is leaking. And I have no idea why! I've tried everything and am hoping someone has experienced the same phenomenon before I take it to someone and pay for them to figure out why it's doing it. Thanks!


PS: Heres my bike :)


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It's a beautiful moto man. Have you tried to put Insta-gasket over the leak? There's a good chance it'll work.

Thanks man! I would just plug the nipple but it is a vent hole for the gas tank to relieve pressure. It also acts as an overflow runoff so it doesn't come purging out of the gas cap, so that really is not an option.

As you say, it is a vent for the tank.  Originally plumbed to a vapor recovery charcoal canister.  The vent should only drip fuel if the tank is completely full.  The normal procedure when removing the charcoal canister is to put a hose on the tank vent fitting and run the hose down under the motorcycle some place.

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