where can I find a cr500 motor

Been looking on ebay for a cr500 motor to put in a 04 crf450 frame do you guys know of any sites that have motors for sale

Easiest way is to find one on Craigslist. You might even have to buy a bike and part it out just for the engine although I like the old steel framed look.

Odds are you will have to buy a Steel framed CR500, pull the engine and sell the rolling chassis.  Unless you are willing to pay a premium for an OEM crate engine from honda; in which case the guys at Service Honda will gladly hook you up.  

Yea, your best bet may be to buy a whole CR 500.  I have seen the motors cost as much or more than I can get the whole bike for.  

If you have some money I would go service honda they already do it and can help you with a  pipe.The 500 af are some badass scoots. If you buy a bike or motor you might have to rebuild it anyway.This way you get a new bike .

I built the engine for my 500 conversion from parts that I acquired mostly from Ebay, with the new stuff straight from Service Honda. Probably about a dozen engines donated to my project. I spent about $1200 bucks on the unit, but I bought the crank, top end, bearings and seals new, so I think it was money well spent. I'd rather spend $1200 on a newly built engine than nearly that much on someone else's roach.

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