2002 kx85 swingarm bearing


I hope that i'll do this topic into right place.

Right, i have 2002 kx85 and my linkage bearing and swingarm bearing needs to change. I heard that if i'll buy them from shop they'ill cost like 142 euros.So i went to OEM Motorparts and selected 2003 kx 85.http://www.oemmotorparts.com/oem5.asp?M=Kawasaki&T=%20%20%20KX%2085%20%20%20%20%20(EU)&Y=2003&L=KA-KX85-2&O=Rear%20cushion%20lever&F=KA-KX85-2_AW&L2=KA-KX85-2_AW And so,can anybody tell me how big are these bearings in linkage and in swingarm? Will something froem here fit there?http://www.internetipood.com/et/flintkaubandus/7-271-c-needle-bearings

I hope that my English is readable, i'm from Estonia.

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