Cr 80?

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Hey guys I was wondering if this bike looked like a good deal my plan would be to pretty it up and re sell it would thus be a good bike for that

If your plan is to pretty up a 10+ year old 80cc dirt bike to make money, I would find something more constructive to spend your money on. I'll give you some inside info....You won't make money over 99.99999% of the time.

Do you think that I could make money fixing dirtbikes them selling them

Not allot of money,

Ok let me te you this right now I mow lawns and do yard work at 8 dollars and hour and I don't get much work so like 200 bucks to me Is a but load of money

That CR 80 is already worth about as much as it will ever be worth.  Prettying it up won't increase its value, but will just lighten your wallet.  You need to gamble on non running bikes and hope it is something simple that an unknowledgeable owner wasn't aware of.

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So how much is it worth?

Ok let me te you this right now I mow lawns and do yard work at 8 dollars and hour and I don't get much work so like 200 bucks to me Is a but load of money

I understand! And yes there's money to be made! Don't buy a turn..good deals are few and far between somthing that dosent almost stay away from engine failures ... Carb cleans are easy money..I charge 25 a carb all day with carb off bike and they bring it to me..don't sell bikes to friends lol you won't make ur money back..u find an 80 or any other bike under 400 there's a little wiggle room ...200 you will make 200$ resale at 450.$ given fresh gas a small budget for oil. time advice get into rebuilding mowers! You can get them free most of the time fix em up 50-100$ a pop most just have clogged carbs or need a carb rebuild ...from late winter to early spring hit it hard get a lil stock goin parts mowers ect...maybe a let a few people know if u do well for a good price u will be busy till fall!

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So how much is it worth?



400-500 it would be a hard sell at 600... But dep on local market it's only worth 400 here

Around Missouri they have been selling for a grand as far as I have seen

Yeah cl is a good place to find things sometimes but the bang for buck just isn't there ...there's hardly ever room for resale on cl prices unless you Haggle them down....still not much to play with...I just got a 94 rm 80 for 200$ cleaned the carb washed it re welded the cracked subframe sanded painted and sold it for 500..the guy I sold it to is selling it for 700 with not much luck ....and yes prices are higher in Missouri ...don't buy unless you think you're making over 200 profit my 2€

Prices are pretty high here in Oregon too.  It's amazing what some people think their bikes are worth and what some people will actually pay for them.

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