just picked up a very clean 01 kx85 looks like very low hours for $300 problem is its was bought from a 16 yr old kid  that tried to put in a pro-lite and forgot the cir-clip and wasted the jug and  got some stuff in the bottom end too was wondering if a 03 kx100 jug will work?

does any one have any experience with hot-rods stroker kit

There is the chance the jug might work but in my case I wouldn't risk it. As for stroker kits, there's plenty on E-bay.

03' cylinder you'll need a different pipe, the 01' was an odd ball year .100 smaller where pipe goes in cylinder.

Hot Rods stroker cranks are really good for the 85, you'll need to send the head off to get cut for the stroker clearance. About $50 to $60 at TDC 2 Stroke Performance.

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