Looking for carb kits for 1984 XR500R dual carb set up

Just like the title says I'm looking to rebuild the carbs on my XR500 but I cannot find kits anywhere.  Honda sells just the gasket kits but they are like $50 and its gaskets only.  Service Honda's site shows its the same gasket kit for 83 & 84 XL600R as well but I can't find kits for that either.  The 79-82 kits are plentiful but that doesn't help.  I'm not sure if 85-87 XR600R kits would be the same?  I think I saw one of those, but maybe not.  Any help is appriciated. 



You'll need two of them

Yeah thats the gasket kit I looked at on service Honda that I mentioned above.  I was hoping to get an actual rebuild kit not just gaskets.  Something that looks like this, but obviously for the correct carb.



Yeah, unfortunately I don't believe you are going to find such a critter.  You'll have to order everything separately.  Go to jetsrus.com for the jets and possibly the needles.  They may have other items as well.

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I was afraid of that.  It has dual 28mm Keihin carbs.  I was hoping maybe there was a small bike that had a single 28mm and I could get 2 kits for that bike. 

I'm not sure on whether another carb kit would work or not.  Maybe someone else will chime in.

Doubt you'll find any kits for them,,nor will any other carb kit from some other bike work..


You won't need jets unless some are missing,,clean up what you have..


Doubt you'll need needles unless they're bent,,where you'd get them I don't know,,as Quint says maybe Jetsrus.


Float valve will no doubt be the same as an XL twin carb..


Air/fuel screw,,pretty stock,,should still be able to find that or use another from an XL/XR


Brass ferral which the needle runs through,,discontinued,,XL/XR twin carbs one may be the same,,Wouldn't worry about it myself.


Get the gaskets and the float valve,,clean everything else on the carbs..all holes on the jets,/jet holders all orifices on the carb bodies with compressed air,,,reassemble,,test.


Then of course there's the ACV,,discontinued,,XR single carb one may work..




Parts 21 in the fiche..


Contact this bloke if you run into trouble,,Alec knows carbs..



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