re-lace my rear tire

so a few of my rear spokes are broken and i was going to take it to a shop to have them put new spokes in how much do you think it should cost? should i do it myself? 

Buy the spokes and do it yourself if you have time and patience.  Spoke torque wrench works great if you can free up the nipples so they turn easily, but it isn't necessary.  It is an involved job to start from scratch, but if your rim is relatively true now, you are almost there.  You should be able to find a tutorial on line.


If after removing the tire and buying the spokes you get stuck, you can always take it in.  


Of course, I never take anything in anymore.  I want the job done right, even if I had to descend a learning curve to do it the first time (and my first wheel took a lot longer than my second one!)


While you are at it, check the bearings.  Just had a buddy go down hard because the rear wheel bearing blew out on his 450F.  That's another job that's hard initially, but after you figure it out, it's easy.  Everything is easy when you learn how to do it, and if you need tools to make it easier (like a bearing puller) you can buy that tool and do the job yourself for the same cost as sending it out.  Then you have the job done, and the tool for next time and the knowledge.  Plus, you will have confidence to do the next job yourself, too!


That's my thinking anyway.

my wheel wobbles as well i think it is because the spokes are broken there are like 4 broken do you think thats why it wobbles 

Broken spokes mean lack of equal torque.  I always check spokes and the rim.  If they come loose, they will break.  If the wheel is wobbling and you have broken spokes, you need to have it "trued" and make sure there are no cracks in the rim.  Replacing the spokes and "trueing" the spokes is time consuming. 

I think it wobbles because you have broken spokes, probably an un-true rim, and some of the spokes that are not broken are probably loose.  Bob_N is right, truing the rim is time consuming.  You can certainly learn how to do it, though.  As I think I said before, make sure those bearings are good before you put the wheel back on.  They should turn smoothly, not bumpy and no binding.  If they are not good, don't ride with bad ones.  Period.

thanks guys i bought spokes and im taking it to a bike shop whos trueing and lacing it for $75 he said he would check the bearings as well 

you know checking bearing are a matter of just wiggiling your back wheel right? i would do it my self

you know checking bearing are a matter of just wiggiling your back wheel right? i would do it my self

ik, they are getting replaced regardless im just saying that he was putting them on since he will already have the wheel off 

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