2013 450 sxf motor noise ?

One thing I've noticed with my bike is a change in the motor sound when I pull in the clutch. At idle, it's a bit noisier compared to idling with the clutch in. The bike runs fine, I was just wondering if other owners have noticed the same thing.

It's the new clutch design. They all do it!


They all do it.

yes they all do it. no worries though ktm clutches are bullet proof.

Awesome - thanks for the replies! That's one of the things that is really impressive with this bike is the buttery clutch action and light pull at the lever. It's lighter than my 350 was and that was light! It's truely a one finger clutch!

is it kind of a howling sound like a bad bearing. 2013 450 xc-f love it accept like everyone else another gear woud be nice. prior bike 2009 450 exc.

I hear it also on my 2013 450 XC-F

My 2013 sxf 450 does that weard noise to but it's good to know it's normal

My 2016 was noisy the first time we started it at the dealership!

Typical clutch noise. All of mine, both 2&4 stroke do it.

Disconcerting when you first notice it. You'll begin to not notice it after a while.

Does anyone know WHY it makes this sound though ? 

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