clutch kit?

Alright so its starting to seem like ima need a new clutch kit. My 04 yz250f has a new cable and its all the way out so what kits do you recommend on it only gives me the options for Driven Performance, Rekluse(i dont have $900 for a clutch so x out), Hinson, Wiseco and EBC which one should i get.

One thing that you have to do first is pull the clutch apart and inspect the condition of all the components. Measure the plates (might only need to replace frictions) although, there might be other things that might need to be replaced that you don't see without inspecting all the components. 

The Rekluse is a centrifigul automatic clutch, and is not a stock replacement. 


I personally have had better overall performance with o.e. clutches.  Not that there aren't good aftermarket brands out there, because I haven't tried them all.  One aftermarket brand that I did get good results and longevity with, was a company called Tusk.  I use a.t.f. in my transmissions.


I just put a ebc kevlar clutch kit on my cr250 and I am very happy with it came with new springs and steel plates check

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