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Cr125 Water Pump Seal

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Afternoon fellow two smokers! :cheers:


I thought I would post a picture update on my bike/ for anybody searching for a reference on water pump seals. The process is not hard at all if you have butane torch handy. I used no special tools to do the job.


I went to go ride last week and she was spewing water pretty bad out of the telltale/weep hole.


 I love wrenching almost as much as riding so, no big deal. B)


Here is a picture update on my bike if anyone has not seen my other thread/posts.


Here is the craigslist ad. Snagged her about a month ago for $1500. Probably should have negotiated a little harder but oh well.


First thing I did was a fresh top end.



Washing the bike after its first time to the track and I find this! :blink:  Not sure if I bought the bike like that or not....I drilled the holes thinking I might ride with the crack for a while.....cleared my head and decided otherwise....



2003 frame from Ridlyredraider! :ride: here she is after getting the swingarm on.



Then I splurged for a new chain and sprockets! :goofy: I went with an oring chain because I hate lubing my chain. Some say they oring chains will hurt the performance of a 125 because of the added drag. I didn't notice at all....but I did go up a few teeth on the rear sprocket.


The Nasty



The Goods




Took a few links out. Used a dremel to grind down the head, and punched the rivet out. Standard procedure.




Now, to the water pump seal.


New parts!


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Looks fine upon first look.





Gear shaft was knackered up a bit.


Bit of heat and the bearing came out with a few taps of a 3/8ths drive and hammer.



All out. Decided to do the kick starter seal while I was at it. That one pops right out as well. Used a socket to pop back in. 


After the bearing is out, the seals can be pushed out together. Super easy. On reinstall, make sure the open part of the seals always faces you. So the two closed ends butt up against each other. Put new bearing in freezer to shrink it down a bit. Makes install easy.




Made myself a little homemade soda blaster...it worked ok. All done!!!





Hope everyone had an awesome labor day weekend! :ride:  




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