1992 RM 250 Crankshaft

Hey Guys

I just picked up a clean 1992 RM 250 for cheap

The owner says that the main bearing is going bad

I was thinking of throwing in a complete crank off of ebay

Does anyone know what years will fit besides 1992?

RMX cranks?


Don't bother buying a used crank off of eBay, it could be going bad too and the seller may claime that it was "implied" that a rebuild was in order.  At this point you would be money ahead by either rebuilding your crank or buying a new one from someone like Wiesco.


FYI:  No RMX crank will fit (wrong design on the stator side), but any RM250 crank from '89 to '95 should fit.  Although, if it's used and explodes the first time you start your bike ~ don't blame us.

Email vince at Mrcrankshaft.com


He can rebuild yours.  He has done several for me with great success.  Usually half of what a new one costs.  I'd never put a used crank in a bike.

Yeah,Im going to have my crank rebuilt

That way I know its goog


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