Trouble Shifting Into Neutral while Engine Running-1990 DR350S

I am pretty sure my 1990 DR350S has always had trouble shifting into neutral while the engine is running. Somewhere I heard that even from the factory this could be an issue and one solution is replacing the two large washers in the clutch. Has anyone else heard of this and can offer some tips? ;)

I had the same problem with my 93 dr350s. I replaced the clutch with the ebc drc Kevlar cutch with hd springs.then adjusted the clutch cable. The old clutch with 3000 miles was spanked.Since then its been much easier. Gasket n cutch kit cost me about 120 bucks.

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First things first, take off the clutch side cover and check the play in your clutch basket, it should be able to move in and out a bit.If not, you will need to clearance your clutch basket, which you can look up. 


Next take the clutch basket off and make sure the fingers are smooth, they can get grooved and this causes the clutch to drag when the disks get stuck.


Replacing the thrust washers helps out for some people also.

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