09 KX65 Will not shit into 6th

Ok so I bought a used kx65 09 and it runs great. Starts up first kick all the time and run nice. But it will not go into 6th gear. All the other gears are fine except 6th. I can shift up any more when in 5th. So plz let me know what's happening here. Thanks

Try putting a ton of oil through it. If that doesn't free it up than it may need a rebuild.

what do you mean a ton of oil. Should I put more oil then the recommend amount or should I put fresh oil in there ride then put more fresh oil in there.

Put lots of tranny fluid in'er and keep pushing up from 5th, not hard just keep trying to shift and it may break loose. If it still won't, then the 6th gear on the tranny is broken so you will need to get the transmission rebuilt, which is not as expensive as a engine rebuild.

Sorry for the double post. And yes drain the old tranny oil out, put in fresh and put a little more than the recommended, not too much just a little more. Then try what I said in my earlier post.

Ok thanks I will try that tomorrow

I am also wondering what would be the best transmission oil to get. I would normal get Pro Honda HP Transmission Oil - 80W/85W but is there a better one for my condition.

Hmmm, not "shit"ting into gear, I could definitely see a problem there......

Your bike won't shit in 6th?  Try a laxative.  Or try a horse riding forum. Those guys really know their shit.

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It was begging to be done, but you guys beat me to it.

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