What's the most you've done with no workshop / shed etc?

My DRs having some trouble which wouldn't normally bother me but I'm starting a new job in two weeks and until now I've always been allowed to use the factory workshop for all my odd projects. The company I'm going to looks a bit more official so I might not be able to use the shop to work on my bike and I live in a small clean flat with no garage! So I'm curious as to what the biggest jobs other people have managed on a driveway, with nowhere to store oily parts?


The bikes developed a couple of issues lately at around the same time, first off was a lean idle - often surging from 1400 upto 2400 when stopped. My carb has always been set right since the last time I did a bit of work and altering the mix screw hardly cured it so I suspected maybe an intake leak - Snapped a bolt off in the head whilst removing the intake boot :(. For the time being I gunged it up well with gasket goo and tightened the remaining bolt - still lean idle so I think it's time to pull the head and have whats left of the bolt removed (tried everything at first, even welded a nut to what was left) So thats one thing to sort. It's also a swine to start now and she used to be a very easy 1-2 kicks cold.


The other maybe more worrying thing is that when I get the bike started it smokes like hell for 10-15 seconds (definately not water) but then fine when riding so I suspect possibly rings (Hmm should've changed those last time I had her open). Stem seals where done last time and the valves & head where in great condition. The compression is still great (judging by my right leg-o-meter) and she's still happy to do whatever speed I dare take her too. I have done a few long rides this year with many long 65mph runs and also alot of sitting in very warm traffic.


So I'm going to have a fair strip down once I figure out where, replace rings (possibly more), have the intake bolt removed, and whilst I'm at it I'm very tempted to buy one of those complete pumper carb kits from Kientech A: for perfomance and B: it'd just be nice knowing I have a fresh new trouble free carb.


Anything I may be over looking which may be causing the startup cloud? Brings back 2-stroke memories...

Hmm, for some reason started easy today 2nd kick cold no choke, Maybe it just doesn't like going two weeks between rides - thinking about it the starting smoke has only appeared whenever I haven't been for a ride for a couple of weeks.

many years ago (30) when I was still at my parents house I would do engine rebuilds in my bedroom,we had a garage but my dad had 4 bikes and me and my 2 bothers all had bikes,

there wasn't room to move in the garage nevermind fit new main bearings and crank seals to my dt175,would just cover the carpet with a plastic sheet and use a pop crate as a engine stand,

in my opinion the tm33 is a very worthwhile upgrade,you don't have to buy the full kit from keintech ,the cv carb cables fit ,and will open the carb fully despite what you may have read elsewhere,and the carb does clear the starter without the spacer,and if you cut a 3"x3" hole in the top of your airbox and fit a 140 main jet it gains a very noticeable increase in power

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