Wheres my oil?

I have a 93 dr350s. My only problem with it is the oil.its going somewhere but cant tell where its going. No drips.gunk builds up at the swing arm. Ive cleaned it n checked it while running.Its got 3500 miles. Once in awhile it will blow a tiny bit of black smoke.it starts 3rd kick evey time.runs great.anyone have or had this problem?

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My 1990 DR350S that I have had since new always has used some oil-I have to usually add oil after major rides-approximate amount 1/8 qt. Do most 350 owner's share this?

I have an oil cooler on mine and it runs great at 7500 miles!

I've got an oil cooler on mine.I have to add 1/2 qt around 120 miles.I replaced one of the oil lines, kick start seal, shifter seal, n clutch seal. Then I thought maybe tge oil seal for the front sprocket. Just replaced it n now its pissing oil.

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