Post op blood clots

Dr. Mark,


4 weeks ago I under went 2 major procedures the same evening.The day before yesterday I noticed 2 small bumps about 2 inches above my right wrist.


When I manipulated them I realized they were in a superficial vein. This tells me that the hard bumps are blood clots. I placed a mark above the bump higher above the wrist to ensure I would notice if they began to move.


I know blood clots are deadly. Is it possible they will be absorbed by the body's natural healing process or should I quit posting and be on my way to the ER?



The blood clots that can travel and kill you are typically in the lower extremity, at or above the crease on the backside of the knee.  What you are describing is probably secondary to injury to the superficial veins of the forearm or wrist where the IV was placed.  I doubt they are fatal.  I might show them to my doctor when I saw him or her the next time.

Thank you, Dr. Mark!


That gives me some peace of mind.



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