Rattling sound...

Hi, i got this rattling sound on my sx 150 2010. I think its form the starter, but im not sure. There is a vibration in the kick starter, and the sound sounds like it comes from the starter, im not sure.

When i pull it outwards away form the bike in the right spot it stops. Also when i rev the engine the sound and vibration follows the rpm of the engine and gets higher and higher.


Its not the spring on anything that`s jumped off. i had of the clutch cower and looked. My guess was the spring behind the starter that started to get weaker. i stretched it without any luck. Maybe i have to stretch it more if that's the problem? I have no other clew what it could be. Everything looks ok. Nothing`s broken. Maybe there is to much slack in the starter or something else? I have no idea!




Plz help! Thanks :D

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