2005 rm250 jetting

Hey everyone. I bought my first 250 2stroke a while back. It is all stock so I'm probably going to be getting a fmf fatty and turbine core 2 silencer for it. To me the bike runs really good right now but I was just wondering what should the stock jetting be? Just wondering so I will know if it has been jetted before.

1 more question. Saying the bike is all stock and i put the fmf fatty and silencer on it, and I am 633 feet above sea level what should be a good base line for my jetting ? Thanks

You should buy a owners manual for your bike, it will explain everything in there for jetting and show you all the different conditions and what wise jets you will need for your situation, also if you go to the fmf site and punch in your bike details model year etc fmf will give you the recommended jetting for what pipe and silencer you have, you probably won't need to do much jetting after installing new pipe system.

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