250sx-f Hard to start?

I have a 2006 KTM 250sx-f and some "good" days I can start my bike first kick every time then every other day I constantly sit their and kick and kick it and kick it until I either get so tired of kicking and I pop start it or I just give up and wait awhile to try again. I recently had the valves adjusted so it shouldn't be valves. Why are some days such a b*tch to start it?

Had the same issue with my 05 went thru everything. gave it a newtop end, checked valves, tryed various jetting and nutting seemed to fix the issue then I checked out the ignition coil and replaced it and bike starts amazing now everytime

your jets could be dirty and clogged... when was the last time you ran injector fluid through your tank?


Dont go stripping the carb so you can clean it all. just 1/2 a bottle of crc injector cleaner will do. 


Run the engine though all the revs, start around idle then slowly work up to wot...This way you clean your primary and then your secondaries.. Also how new is your idle screw?

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