Lighting up my 650l

I recently bought a 95 xr 650l with a TON of motor work and great tires but it lack s a lot in the lighting department. If I'm riding it during the day I don't have any issues but as you can imagine, I would like to be able to see driving at night considering it's my commuter now. I would be interested in upgrading the whole system and not just the head light too. I searched around online but don't really know what to look for. LED's would be cool but will my stock stator be sufficient. The rear fender is a little yellowed so if anyone can recommend a new fender with light in it I wouldn't be opposed to that either. Again..... Just don't know where to start. Thanks for any input.

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LEDs have draw less juice than Halogen bulbs. Read up on the light you want and see what they draw. Your stock stator may very well be up to the task.


If you decide to go the Trailtech route. Don't buy the red shroud! It turns PINK



There are LED replacement bulbs you can buy for your bike, I think an 1157 will work with yours.

If you get a new stock fender you should consider a WPS rear taillight with the bulb I just mentioned. The rear lens comes with a clear section to illuminate the license plate.

There are other good fender/light combos out there that other will mention.

Easy route is to swap out your headlight bulb to a "hotter bulb" for the headlight. I ended up with a 55/100w and I can tell you on high beam, it is bright. You do have to be careful as this bulb will melt a plastic reflector in your headlight assembly. Double check its metal. It should be on an L. A stock bulb is usually 55/65 for street. I do have an x2 HID on my 650R. Much different light aspect. With the HID there is no denying it is bright. But the best part is the way HID light up your path. I noticed a much more revealing directional light. The bumps and jumps were much more revealed over a halogen which just throws light. I can't really outride my HID, but at top speed it's a little uncomfortable with the 100w halogen bulb. I had the dual baja designs on that bike for the 06 baja, but that is just overkill for the road. No need to spend that kind of money on that much light for street.

Don't forget if you go with bright lighting, oncoming cars WILL be blinded. Especially if you are hard on the throttle as it puts the light in their face.

Other aspects to look at is the wattage use.

A 55/100 uses 55w on low 100w on high. Dual element bulb, cost about 25$

An x2 HID uses 35w low and 35 watt high. I wired mine so both are on when on high beam. Hid's tend to be single element and they " ignite ". Separate bulbs, cost about 280$

The BD uses 200w total for sunlighting the your area, but 200w is pretty much maxing out stock stators. I used a custom wound 250w stator. Separate bulbs, cost about 1000$+

LEDs for your rear and turns are good. I run them in my taillight for one reason..... They rarely fail all the LEDs at once giving you longevity. And I hate nosy &%$#@!-in cops when your light is out. I think they hold up better than bulbs with elements as the elements can't short themselves out in an led.

You have to watch your load on the turn signals. LEDs draw much less power sometimes making your flasher relay not work. This can be solved by either wiring resistors to put a load on that circuit, or go with a digital flasher for about 25$.

I didn't even comment about the Ktm. That 35w halogen bulb blows. I don't ride it at night, but it really sucks. If you ride road go at least 55w halogen or 35w HID. I have an X2 for the Ktm about to be installed. Should fix that problem!! Good luck!

Thanks guys... All good input.

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