Riding near Pullman WA/ Moscow ID


Hey guys, I just moved up to Pullman WA (WSU) from southern California. I contested the National Hare and Hound desert Series 'A' open class and some of the extreme enduros and I am bringing my bike up in a couple months and im looking to find some cool new trails and hopefully find some races to compete in. can anyone provide me with a link to an enduro or hare and hound schedule or even some locations to ride with some bitchin single track. anything helps cause I really want to get to know this area. Thanks

Well man hate to kill your dreams. While I was there I couldn't find anything but up in Spokane which is 7-mile. Which is very open and rather small. There are some areas in Northern Idaho which is about 2 hours from you using the Palouse route. Also before you can ride in Washington you need to make sure you have the ORV tabs which you won't like the cost. Otherwise you will get a ticket or your bike impounded. Also the hare scramble series is not really in Eastern Wa as it is on the West side. Even then the riding areas are getting farther and fewer in between. Just to do one race you'd have to travel over five hours somewhere to compete and get back to Pullman for classes. Sorry to be a downer but its life in Pullman. I lived it, while I was there hell I still live it as I go to Hayden Id every month for drill.

Ton of single track within a within a 2 hour drive. Couple places for mx too. stjoecycleclub.com/

California, huh? Canfield sounds perfect for you. 2 hours north in Coeur d'Alene.

25 miles north of moscow is skyline witch has some great trials. also white pine has some good trails. some of the best trails are out of clarkia id lots of awsome st.

 Depending on the range of driving you are comfortable with, there are tons of locations, depending on trip time.


   When I attended WSU in the dark ages, I hit the Moscow mountains,  MX track in Lewiston, Horn Rapids MX and offroad in Tri-cities and east of Pasco in the winter is the Juniper Dunes.etc.


There are riding areas in North east Oregon.


The MX/GP courses of OTBG at Eddieville and the biggest 24hr race in the nation at Starvation Ridge are 4 hrs away in central Washington.  ( I'm partial to the OTBG events,....but then I am biased!!).


  Idaho has tons of single-track in the north and desert in the south.


  Having rode around Southern California some, I don't see the distances are out of line to go riding from Pullman. Find a buddy or two to share the trips and you are Golden. You can find somewhere to ride almost year-round, other than the coldest weeks ( sometimes).

There are 2 groups out of St. Maries Idaho:

"saint joe cycle club" puts on a few hare scrambles every spring http://stjoecycleclub.com

"stix & stones off road" has a few events https://www.facebook.com/StixandStonesOffRoad


In Airway Heights Washington you have the "airway mx park". They put on a spring and fall hair scramble. http://extmotorsports.com


You can also look at "stumpjumpers cycle club" http://stumpjumpers.org/desert100/ . They put on several races all over the state of Washington. Their most well known event is the Desert100.



Newport mx also does sputtering and fall hare scrambled

Fossil bowl mx is in clarkia, ID. Fun riding at st. Marie's (last chance fall dash oct. 6th).

There is a ton of riding to be had in the Pullman/Moscow area.  Moscow Mountain, White Pine Flats area, Giant White Pine, Meadow Creek, East of Clarkia, X-mas Hills, Skyline, and that is just on the Idaho side.There are numerous races and fun runs on the washington side.  Stick around here and watch for the announcements and you should be able to find plenty of events to ride in and people to ride with.  As for me it's hunting season and the bike will be put away till I get the itch to make a trip to Juniper for a campout.



Keep an eye out for the Orofino Idaho Loggercross- it makes an AMA endurocross look like a smooth grass track and is only a 90 minute drive from Pullman.  Last time I ran it they had a floating log bridge, an elevated log bridge and a section where you rode through a loaded log trailer.  Johnson Mill, North of Orofino, has some brutal woods races and was the site of the old idaho state championships back in the day.  Get a FS motorized use map for the Clearwater Nat. Forest and there are tons of trails. 


Plan to race the 24 hour at starvation ridge or any of the endurance races if you are a H&H fan.  It is good higher speed stuff.  Also the Murphy ID round of NHH is a fun event. 


Horn Rapids in Richland holds HS races in spring and fall that are 100% sand and a good time.  There is good rocky/sandy desert riding areas around Vantage.


Stumpjumpers has the D100 and two other races around Odessa in the spring.  I am not a huge D100 fan but a 1000 bike mass start bomb run is an experience.

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