How clean do you keep your bike?

I bought my bike a couple months back and I've been riding the hell out of it but still trying to keep it showroom fresh. I wash it immediately after every ride and I'm really meticulous about it but that's how I keep it looking really good. I spent a lot of money on my bike and I like to take care of my things so to me it's totally normal to be as meticulous as I am. However, I've had quite a few people tell me my bike is too clean and that it looks new. Sounds great to me but they think of it as a negative thing which is pretty stupid if you ask me. So what do you guys think? How clean do you keep your bike?

There is nothing wrong with trying to keep it clean and showroom nice.  I will advise against using a power washer all the time.  If you do, just use it to blast off the heavy stuff.  Don't spray right into areas with bearings or engine seals.  I had guys accuse me of not riding my bike since I kept it so clean.  I also tear it down once a year and go through all the suspension and head bearings. 


The bike I have now is not near as "clean" as the previous one since the previous owner did not take care of it to the level I do.  If you buy one new off the show room floor, be sure and grease all the suspension and steering bearings.  The factory does not apply much grease in these areas.  After a year or two, the bearings will turn to powder, or the bearing races will seize in place, either of which will get costly when it comes time to repair. 


Oh yea, don't forget to check the wheel bearings also. 

Thanks for the tips. I usually clean and re-grease bearings at least once a year and I do try to keep the pressure off the bearings and seals.

There's nothing wrong with keeping a bike clean. It shows you take pride in your ride.


I rarely clean my bike. It's a $3000 build and I bought the bike new, so about 5k total investment (a lot for pit bikes). In my eyes it's doing no harm, so it doesn't need to be cleaned. once it affects performance I will clean it.


However when I do wash it, she really shines. I don't even have a picture of it clean...I guess that's bad :ride:



10000000.jpg         110000.jpg



I dont see anything wrong with keeping bikes clean i always clean my bike after every ride and usually if im in the garage with my dad and have nothing to do we will usually polish it all up. This is how I learned to rtake care of my stuff and always will

My 250 exc I had I polished and swirl finished the swingarm. Talon hub excel rims bling bling.

But now on the 440exc just wash & air dry. Haven't committed to lip sticking the pig yet. I do believe in keeping clean.

Engines run cooler etc when clean.

I keep My truck that clean


but I was happy to find a 1300 dollar bike with a few dings and wear  I can finally  just have fun with a toy  and not worry about keeping it pristine


I just hose it off and wipe it down  

I think it's better when you keep your stuff clean.  They stay a lot nicer for a lot longer if you keep up with that and general maintenance.  I would take it as a compliment if someone says your bike is too clean.

I think it's better when you keep your stuff clean.  They stay a lot nicer for a lot longer if you keep up with that and general maintenance.  I would take it as a compliment if someone says your bike is too clean.

Oh I do consider it a compliment even though it's said in a "snarky" manner.  I agree with your logic too; the cleaner I keep it, the cleaner it will look years down the road.

And you will get more when you decide to sell. When I sell a bike, I hardly ever have to dicker with the price when buyers see how clean it is.

I clean my bike after every ride.


Yeah and that whole show room thing? The shine was gone after the third ride.

MAaan i thught i was the only one that liked my bike show room clean. have you tried SC1 by Maxima . works like a charm amazing shine and nice cherry scent so the wife wont kick you out haha try it i swear by it.

And you will get more when you decide to sell. When I sell a bike, I hardly ever have to dicker with the price when buyers see how clean it is.

This is so true. I am a bit fanatical about keeping my bikes clean and it is not rare for me to do an in depth disassemble and clean. I figure that when the bike is this far down, I can spot things that may need replacement before something catastrophic happens, also. Come to think about it, I usually don't have buyers ever bicker over price, and I would say that over 95% of the time, the person that first sees it, buys it. I've actually had more people from out of state purchase bikes from me, just due to looking at pictures, than in state buyers. Also, maxima sc-1 makes a bike look great.

Great posts above!  Funny you should ask fineblackline.  First, pressure washer is fine, but not good for bearings and seals as Bob_N mentioned above.  No direct shots with high pressure on those, including the steering stem and especially the countershaft seal.  You should inspect and grease bearings at least a couple times every season anyway.  If you haven't done so yet with your new bike, pick a rainy day and do it now.  Bearings aren't always greased up well on initial assembly.  If you haven't changed your chain to an o/x/y/z whatever-ring yet, do it next time you need an adjustment.  Throw the OEM away.  It is garbage and it will eat your sprockets as it wears . . . quickly.  With the sealed chain, just clean with the bike and WD-40.  Trust me on this.  Also, whether it needs it or not, clean your air filter and re-oil.  No-Toil is my choice, for good reason.  No need to buy the special cleaner.  Oxy-Clean works just fine.  Always use a bead of Lithium grease around the rim of the filter, even if people tell you it doesn't matter.  It probably doesn't, but it's cheap and also cleans up with Oxy-Clean.  My manual requires it, but I do it anyway.


Two more tips.  Order a skid plate that covers the frame, if you haven't already.  That will keep your frame nice.  And get a set of those neoprene fork socks.  Those will keep your fork seals fresher longer.  Disregard if you have a hole shot device, 'cause one sock looks weird.


Now, last week we tore the bike down and put in a new crank, piston, timing chain.  The crank wasn't necessary, but after two hard seasons, I figured preventative maintenance would be a good idea.  Besides, it's fun.  Point is, keeping the inside of the bike clean is as important as the outside.  Besides, I want to share the pics.  


Here is the inside, and what my son did to the outside today.  I also threw in a picture of my kitchen table.  Better to have a clean bike than a clean kitchen  :devil:

If you ever believe you are taking a clean bike too far, know that there are many others just like you  :thumbsup: or worse  :rolleyes:














And, if you buy a bike in shambles, no reason you can't bring it back to life.  Here is an 06 that is back racing . . . and doing pretty well.  All it needed was a number!




No reason not to take care of your machine.  Keep it up, and it will take care of you  :ride:

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Im the same as you. I am a pretty Hard and agresaive rider and my bike sometimes take a beating. When im done riding i clean it as best as i can with a preassure washer. Then i go over the whole bike with bike wash and sponges. I leave no dirt on my bike. After washing my bike i dry it with the leafblower and roll it in the shop. I take all my plastics off and polish them with plastic polish, i clean the filter, clean the airbox, change the gear oil, clean tbe chain, and polish my pipe, frame, levers, rims, spokes, sprocket, swing arm and clutch cover with mothers mag and aluminum polish. I do all this to my 2012 yz250, that is mostly stock, besides bars, aluminum throttle tube, fmf fatty and shorty, asv's, vforce 3's and pro taper 2.3 footpegs. Ive had the bike for one year, and this winter i plan to replace all the bearings, pull out the motor, put in a new bottom end( i have 15hrs on the top) and get the suspension set up. My first bike, 2001 xr50 looks show room new. Dont worry if people say your bike is too clean, it looks way way nicer spotless than covered in dirt, oil, and chain lube.

I could cook eggs on my pipe and eat them off my cases while wearing an all white jumpsuit sitting on my tire only dirt on my bikes from contact with the ground after I wash it

Keeping it that clean is fine as long as your not worried about scratching it, dinging it, or getting it dirty while riding.

Keeping it that clean is fine as long as your not worried about scratching it, dinging it, or getting it dirty while riding.


Probably should have mentioned that.  No worrying about scuffs, scratches, bends or any other trauma endured while using the bike for it's intended purpose.  EVERYTHING cosmetic is fixable in due course.  100% agree.  These bikes are meant to be dirty at work.

Someone mentioned maxima sc1; I use that stuff every time I wash my bike.  I spray it on top of the fenders and underneath the fenders.  It really gives the bike a nice shine and also makes the dirt easier to remove.

i put just about as much effort in washing my bike as i do riding it. I do a full detail after every single ride even if i know that im going riding again the next day and its going to get muddy in 10min its just my personal preference, i also do it for all the compliments about how clean it is and how i have the nicest bike out of all my group of riders, and i feel like its all part of the sport maintaining, washing, making your bike look good along with riding

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