13" XC-W 300 Gear Oil Capacity... What CC do you add ?

The book says 800cc or fill until oil comes out the check hole. I tilted the bike over to the left and right several times to get as much out as possible. I measured what I put in so the next time I don't need to fart around with the check hole. 650cc and it came out with the bike strait up and down/ level with ground. Does this bike retain 150cc after dumping ? It's my third ride /5.2 hrs/ 98 miles on bike and first oil change. Thank you fella's , Randy

It's actually 800ml

800cc's and 800ml are the same...


My ratio-rite doesn't have ml . :)

Most oil bottles have a clear window with measurements on the side.  As I use the bottles I leave 200ml or 200 cc left in the bottle, so after 4 changes i have 4 bottles with 200 ml/cc left over and that gives me another change and then I start over.  I never check the oil with the oil check bolt.  I just drain and put back in 800 ml/cc.


A quart is .946 of a litre...or 946 ml or 946 cc


I use Bel Ray Gear Saver in my bikes and that oil comes in litres so it has 1000 ml/cc per bottle

Will be adding another 150 ml . Thanks

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