Exhaust upgrade

I am looking to upgrade the stock exhaust on my 03 WR450 and was looking for input from everyone.I do have to deal with 96db limit. I am looking for improved performance over stock unit. Any input or advise on what to use or what not to buy would be appreciated.

FMF Q works great!!!

I'm looking for a replacement header pipe. Mine has quite a few dents in it. Is that cherry bomb thing any good.

I've got a Pro Circuit 496 - great pipe with comparable power to the stock without the plug.

What is the db level on the Pro Circuit? I have heard (pardon the pun) that they are a little loud.

I have the FMF Q pipe on my 450. It installed easy and has been no problem. It sound tested at 94.5db when new. Other pipes are suppose to be easier to repack.

Pro Circuit makes several different pipes for the WR450. Mine is the 496, which is their 96 dB pipe. It's great.

thanks for the replies,count on Thumper Talk for getting some good advise.

I have a CRD Performance pipe, which is pretty quiet at 91db. I'm in the UK and noise is a very big issue over here right now. Bike has been rejetted to suit the exhaust (with airbox lid removed too) and there are pretty strong gains right through the rev range.

:confused:Question, All you who have upgraded your exhaust. I have been to my local shops and they dont have a listing for the WR450 like in the FMF catalog. They have a listing for the YZ450 is it the same exhaust? Does Pro circut carry a USFS type muffler?

Figured it out. Finally went to FMF's online site and found part no. for my local Yamaha shop to order with.

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