KDX Ruined My 230 Love Affair

I went for a ride with a new buddy who owns a '96 KDX200 the other day. About an hour into the awesome trails of Downeast Maine, he stops and says we're swapping bikes.

My initial thought was "Crap, I don't want to ride a smoker in the woods. That powerband will fling me into a tree. The 230 is way smoother."

Little did I know about the KDX's woods tuning, which regulates the exhaust valve for smoother delivery. In fact, little did I know anything about woods smokers.

So I hopped on, twisted the throttle, and blasted into the trails. Remaining in the first two gears, I was able to use the utmost lowest RPM range and flick the throttle for an instant boost. Let's just say things I struggled for power with on the 230 were easily wheelied over with the KDX.

Holy $@&$! This thing kicks ass! Granted the suspension was mushy because my buddy had it ridiculously soft, and the bars were set up funky, but holy smokes, the power and control! With properly tuned suspension and correct ergos, the KDX is the ultimate woods bike.

So sadly, after all the love I put into the CRF230, I have it on the market and am hastily looking for a KDX200 or 220. I never thought this would happen in a million years, but the KDX is that amazing that it completely smashed all of the 230 dream to pieces.

So, if there's anyone here in the northeast looking for a souped up and babied 230 that is modded in all the right places, feel free to hit me up.

Yes, the KDXs are pretty impressive bikes!  Even completely stock they're a lot of fun.  My brother had one for a few years and had everything dialed in - intake, exhaust, gearing, suspension, etc. and it was effortless to fly through the woods on that thing!  They're light, easy to ride, and plenty fast when you twist the throttle.  

Have fun!!

Make sure you never ride a KTM 300EXC then.


Tech25 Edited by Tech25

Make sure you never ride a KTM 300EXC then.


Tech, I've heard of their greatness too, but a number of people told me that parts are more expensive and they're not as reliable as KDXes. Any truth to that?

Make sure you never ride a KTM 300EXC then.

Very true!  Also, don't ride the 150, 200, or 250... they're all great bikes.  A 150 might not seem very fast, but I was riding this past weekend and came across a big guy (about 6'1", 250 lbs) on a 150XC and he was keeping a pretty impressive pace through some rutted, sloppy singletrack!  

The KDX is a nice bike, but in its class you could say it's kind of the CRF230 (playbike) of the two stroke woods bikes. KTM has a nice line of solid woods bikes.


Make sure you never ride a KTM 300EXC then.


Also make sure the smoker can be plated. If I can't get it plated...you can have it!

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