Suzuki JR50

Been searching the history but no luck. Bought a JR50 as is. Motor cranks and runs good but once put in gear, it stalls instantly. If you run beside it and then put it in gear, you can then hop on and it does fine. What does this mean?

Sounds like the clutch is dragging.  Change the trans oil and try again.  Does it do the same thing when hot and the oil is thinner?  Maybe try a thin oil like ATF.


Totally different question on the same bike - 


Changed the front brake cable, has been fine for about 4 months. Took out today and the brake lever seemed stiff. I followed the cable to the brake and found that the cable was misaligned at the brake pan. The cable will pull out and get caught on the bracket leading to the brake to drag.


Links are to two pictures. One of it out of line and the other in.


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