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Trying to figure out something

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Neighbor got to deep and stalled his trx250. It would no longer run. I was asked to try and get it running. Went through the carb. Put back together and it cranks good. It was smoking of which they said was because they put in much sea foam. I was not sure so I checked the oil, which they had changed, oil level good. After they tore up my yard for 20 minutes, it's still smoking. I checked the oil. At least a quart low. As I suspected. I demanded they park it until the father could decide what to do. Naturally, it is burning oil and needs a rebuild, of which I have been elected. But what I would like to understand is what happened???? They swore over and over that it never smoked before sinking it. I assumed that somehow it sucked trash up into the cylinder and scored the walls. But after tearing it down today, all looked normal. Wonder what effect a sudden change of temp from water would have on the rings? Any ideas on why it started smoking so bad. It did have the stock air box,  with no holes, filter in place. So no trash should have come through the intake. I have heard that the last stroke as it cuts off in water will suck backwards into the cylinder. ????? Also, I don't know how much turning over they did to it before giving up and asking for my help. So, what happens when it gets a deep bath with no snorkel

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