new to cali suggestions?


Im going to get stationed in camp pendleton at the end of september. I'm from Ohio and mostly rode wood trails but I'm ready to see what else is out there. Any recommendations for camp pendleton area? 

You can pm me when you get into town and ready to ride, I'm near cp

Same. ^^^

Your in for quite a change. Deserts with no trees in sight. We use to ride on the &@&" I'd be curious as if there are any trails out there still. Let me know.

desert, mountains, dunes. One of the best places in the world for mx as well so your going to have to check a couple tracks out.

One thing I hear from the east coast guys is, "you guys out west can't turn!"

This migh be true, however, don't try and turn out here like you do out east.

Plenty of riders in the area, I am in Vista right next door to CP, the damn bombs almost break my windows during war games.


Out here we dont turn as much but pretty good at going a pretty good clip through open terrain. If you want to turn fast talk to Eric, damn kid, lol

sounds good  ill have to hit you guys up when i get out there

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